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Where is Europe heading? Euro-Atlantic security issues from a German and Norwegian point of view.

Les mer om Allers, Masala&Tamnes (eds.) (2014): Common or Divided Security?

 The book seeks to identify the conditions for cooperation, stability and peace in the Arctic.

Les mer om Tamnes&Offerdal (eds.) (2014): Geopolitics and Security in the Arctic

European and US experts examine a range of perennial issues facing the Alliance.

Les mer om Hilde&Michta (eds.) (2014): The Future of NATO

Johan Løøv seeks to illuminate a still highly controversial topic in the history of India – the so-called "Forward Policy" and the Chinese attack on India in October 1962.

Les mer om Løøv (2014): A game of chess and a battle of wits

This book is a must-read for those who want to learn about India's strategic thought – past and present.

Les mer om Basit et al. (eds.) (2014): India Grand Strategy


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